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By: superfan


The devoted maidservant promptly appears at the calling of her two-syllable name.

"Yes, Mistress?"

"Take him away and clean him up. Then, prepare a fitting meal for the both of us."

Maly bows, picks you up, then departs for the bathroom in her own quarters. But, along the way something strange happens. While passing through a certain stretch of hall way, the lights on the walls go out. One each, to the left and right, in front of Maly; the other two, behind. And, the next thing you know? A white handkerchief is pressing itself against Maly's nose and mouth!

There is a brief amount of struggling. But, the maidservant inevitably succumbs to the chloroform and, in the process, she drops you to the floor. Fortunately, however, the hall way is carpeted. So, you land relatively safely. Yet, you don't _feel_ too safe when you see who it was that rendered Maly unconscious.

It's a female ninja!

Your choices:

  1. She is there to abduct Nadia for some corrupt corporation.
  2. She is there to rescue you for some top-secret government agency.

Retrieved September 13, 2016