Nadia Belly Dances With You

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By: northgate

Nadia stand up and takes you from Maly and says, "Good evening my little pet. I hope you are well rested and ready for me." Maly turns on some music and quietly slips out leaving the two of you alone. She slowly starts to gyrate and tells you, "When I was first married, my husband used to make me wear outfits like this and dance for him as well as do other things to pleasure him including things I didn't ever want to do but he forced me. Perhaps you'd enjoy a dance from me." She slips you under her bra and begins dancing around. You hang on for dear life as she swirls around the room to the music laughing as she dances. She moves in front of a full length mirror to watch you struggling to hang on while she continues to dance. "It is much better to participate in the dance than just watching, right?", she asks you.

"I think I'd rather just watch", you shout back at her hoping to get a reprieve from this treatment. "Oh, you don't like dancing with me", she replies, "Then by all means you can watch instead." She dances to the middle of the room and plucks you from her breasts and drops you to the floor. The music intensifies and she continues dancing around you with her bare feet coming within inches of you causing you to cower in fear of being stepped on. She sees this and stops dancing for a moment to use her toe to knock you on your back looking up at her. "You said you wanted to watch now lay there and watch me. If you move again, I'll step on you." She stomps her foot next to you for emphasis and laughs at your fear before continuing to dance around you.

When the music ends, she scoops you up and takes you over to the bed. "Now it's your turn to perform for me", she tells you in s seductive voice as she drops you into the bed. She gets on all fours on the bed and hovers over you. "it's simple really. You just need to do whatever I tell you and no complaining. Complaining irritates me and it will be dealt with severely. Understand?", she asks.

"Yes", you reply meekly afraid of what she might e capable of doing to you. You watch as she smiles back to your compliance and then removes skirt and panties revealing her womanhood to you, cleanly shaved and looking perfect.

She removes her bra next and her ample breasts spill out. "Now we don't want to get the outfit messy do we?", she says and she resumes her position on the bed. "The only question left is what to do with you first.", she tells you as she swoops in with her breast and her nipple knocks you over and is lower down on top of you. "How about some nice kisses to start?"

You lean forward and give her kisses on the nipple and you hear her let out a soft moan. You continue to lick and kiss it hoping to satisfy her and make it through the evening in one piece. After a while, she rolls over onto her back and places you astride her other breast to continue the treatment. :Let see if this feels better", she tells you as you hug her breast while kissing her nipple. "They're both nice", she tells you after a few moments.

"You're a good kisser", she tells you, "so lets try somewhere else". She sits up and you go tumbling off her chest and down over her stomach landing on the bed between her thighs. You look up and see her pussy immediately in from of you. "Let's see how good you really are", she tells you and her fingers push you forward into her awaiting pussy. You know there is no escape and resistance is futile so you plunge forward kissing her lips but that isn't good enough and her hands comes back and spreads them out and pushing you in a bit to kiss the already moist inner skin. The smell and taste gets more intense but her fingers are nearby driving you forward a little deeper between the folds of her skin. Her finger tips graze your body and tickle you ass to keep you going.

You keep working just hoping you are almost done when her hand suddenly grabs you and thrusts you headfirst fully inside her stroking you in and out like a dildo stimulating herself. You struggle to get free but that only adds to excitement and you realize she is getting off on the power of controlling you more than the actual physical stimulation. She continue for a while reaching orgasm and finally stopping but leaving you two thirds of the the way ion her as she lies back and soaks in the feeling.

You try to extricate yourself but she brings her thighs together squeezing you in place. "You will stay until I want you out.", she orders you and you stop moving and lay there still hoping this is almost over. After a few moments, she grabs at you leg and drags you out leaving you naked and covered in her fluids on the bed while she stands up and puts on a silk robe. She then ....

Your choices:

  1. calls Maly to retrieve you
  2. takes you to the bathroom with her

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