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By: superfan

You quickly determine that the box is too solidly built to escape from. And, the pinholes in the underside of the lid (letting in both air and token amounts of light) are not only too small for even you to wriggle through. But, also, far out of your diminished reach. So, with nothing else to do, you resign yourself to the inevitable and sit down to wait for Maly's return.

You don't how long that is. You just know that you fell asleep waiting for her. Because, the first thing you notice, as you mentally reorient yourself, is an earthquake-like series of vibrations in the floor of the box. Followed by a momentarily dazzling flash of light, as the lid is re-opened, and a gigantic right hand snatches you up into the air!

"Good evening, little one," she says with a smile: "I hope you rested well. Because, now, you will meet our mistress on more...intimate terms."

That blows away all the remaining mental cobwebs, as you have a pretty good idea what she's hinting at. Still, nothing proves more surprising than the sight that greets your eyes as Maly knocks on the wall to the right of the beaded curtain separating this hallway from what you can only assume is Nadia's bedroom. Because, as Maly parts the strands of beads and enters (following verbal permission to do so), you gaze towards the queen-size bed on your left. And lounging there is Nadia, herself; wearing nothing than more than a gold lame' bra with matching panties (and a slit skirt with floor-length fringe).

In short? She's dressed like a belly dancer.

"Oh, shit!" you (wisely) think to yourself: "Now, what am I in for?"

Your choices:

  1. Maly holds on to you while Nadia belly dances in front of you.
  2. Nadia begins to belly dance _after_ you're planted in her cleavage!

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