Meet the Sexy Widow

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By: northgate

Maly brings you to her sexy employer who you estimate to be in her thirties with an perfectly sculpted body and flowing black hair with lose curls to her shoulders. "Hello my little pet", she tells you, "My name is Nadia but you will refer to me as Mistress. My husband has recently passed on and left me with an enormous fortune however in his will he forbid me from taking another husband which is why you are here. Now you will serve as my pet, toy, lever or what ever I want you to be. Serve me well and be rewarded or fail me and be punished. Do you understand?"

You look back ant her and say, "You can't keep me here like a prisoner. I have rights...."

Her expression darkens at your comments and simply says, "Maly" and the other women closes her hand around you squeezing you and taking your breath away. With you silenced, she continues, "Remove those rags from him and clean him up and teach him some manners too. I'd hate to lose him the first day."

Maly carries you off to another room where she tears your clothes from you ruining them and then immersing you into a hot bowl of soapy water to clean you off. "Hey I need those clothes", you tell her but she just tosses them into a trash bin and says, "You will not need them anymore. The mistress wishes to keep you naked"

You give her a look trying to assert yourself and say, "Well I say I need them." Her hand responds pushing you down under the sudsy water and hold you pinned to the bottom of the bowl. Your lungs are burning from lack of oxygen and you are sure you're going to drown before she releases you and lifts you to the surface. "You have to watch what you say to the mistress. She will hurt you if you don't obey."

"Are you crazy? You could have drown me just now!", you shout at her. "You must learn", she says before plunging you under water again and holding you there

When she releases you, you respond by begging her, "Please don't do that again". She looks at your sternly, "Then you must behave, watch what you say and do whatever the mistress demands of you. Her anger will be much worse that a little water in your mouth." You nod acknowledging her and she dries you off with a small towel.

She feeds you some bread with some type of fruit spread on it and water in a small metal cup. You eat your full and when you are done she places you in a small empty wooden chest which is lined with silks. "Now you must rest", she instructs you, "My mistress will want your company tonight and you must be ready for her." She closes the heavy lid plunging you in darkness.

After several hours, Maly returns to ...

Your choices:

  1. teach you some discipline
  2. take you to see Nadia

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