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By: superfan

When you finally stop being shaken around, a giant hand reaches inside the purse. Removing the Plexiglas tube in which you've been encased since your "rescue" from Alexandra the Great. The one who removes you--her name is Maly, you recall--dumps you into the palm of her left hand. She then transports you into a lavish bedroom, where you see (through the sliding glass doors looking out upon an ornate balcony) that it is now daytime.

But, that view quickly shifts to your left. And there, seductively sprawled upon a canopied four-poster bed, is the wealthy sultry brunette who bought your "freedom" from Alexandra.

It's the particular way she sprawls on the bed that finally makes you remember. This mystery woman is...

Your choices:

  1. international super model!
  2. ...the widow of an elderly, and recently deceased, oil sheik!

Retrieved September 13, 2016