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By: northgate

Alexandra finishes her act and goes back to her dressing room and deposits you back in your birdcage. "Good job tonight", she tells you, "but we'll need to work on those dance moves. That part was pretty lame." You sulk in the cage with a piece of cracker and water that Alex gave you while she packs her things up.

There is a knock at the door and Alex tells them to come in. You look up and see beautiful tall woman in her late thirties, dark tan complexion and long black hair comes in. She is accompanied by another woman who clearly look Brazilian but dressed very professional. "Nice show", she saws looking around the room until her eyes lock in on you in the cage.

"Thanks", Alex replies barely looking up and finishing her packing, "What cane I do for you?, she asks the woman.

This new woman doesn't answer and cross the room heading straight for you leaving her companion by the door and stops in front of you. You are about level with her ample breasts as she looks down at you with a faint smile. You stop eating and drop the cracker with your eyes locked with her dark eyes.

Alex looks up and sees what is happening and immediately comes over to you as she is immediately suspicious of this woman. "What did you say you are hear for.", Alex asks again this time clearly annoyed by this invasion."

The woman continues to look down at you and says, "Dance little man" in an authoritative voice and you immediately start doing your dance from earlier. She smiles and says "I see he can dance for me too. I guess I'm a magician."

Alex is now clearly annoyed and tells this woman, "Please leave now!"

The woman turns to Alex and looks down at her with a few inches of height over her. "I have a business proposal for you. I want to buy your little man."

Alex isn't happy with the conversion and says, "He's not for sale. Leave now!"

"Nonsense!", the woman tells Alex, "I'll give you $100,000 US cash right now. I'm sure that is a fair amount more than you make working these sleazy places. Anyway, it's only a matter a time before someone else figures out that is a real person and not a trick and the authorities take him from you and you'll be arrested." She hesitates to let this information sink in with Alex before adding a veiled threat, "It will hapen before you know it and the prison here is not very healthy for someone like you."

Alex thinks for a moment and quickly realizes $100,000 is better than jail time. "OK, deal", she says.

The woman turns to her companion and says, Maly, my case" and the second woman comes forward with a briefcase that she lays on the table and opens. You can see inside it is filled with banded stacks of fifty dollar bills. Also, in the case is a clear plastic tube with holes punched in it and two black caps at each end. "You may count it if you like but I do not have much time." she says and Maly takes the tube out and turns the case of cash toward Alex and steps back.

As Alex stares at the cash, Maly turns toward you and opens the birdcage door. She unscrews the one end of the clear plastic tube and holds in upright. With her free hand she reaches in and her slender fingers wraps around your torso and extract you from the cage and drops you feet first into the tube. She screws the other end on trapping you inside and handing you to the tall woman.

Alex is still counting the money and Maly hands you back to her boss who holds the tube up to her face and says, "We are going to be such good friends", with a smile before depositing you in the tube into her handbag plunging you into darkness.

Your choices:

  1. Out of the Handbag and into ???

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