Alexandra punishes you

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By: northgate

She takes you out of the bird cage and hold you tight in her fist and tells you "You've been a very bad boy and I need to teach you who's the boss." She lifts you up to helps and gives you a big wet kiss. "See, I can be nice to you but then you had to run away from me. Now I need to punish you and I won't be hypnotizing you for this. I want your mind clear so you remember this lesson."

She bends down and opens her fist and you tumble out onto the carpet. She sits down on the bed and looks down at you as you get your bearings. You stand back up but before you can react she swings her bare foot over and her you collide with big toe knocking you onto your back. Her foot comes back and hooves directly over you and she slowly lowers it down pinning you on your back with your head positioned in the space between her first and second toes.

"I'm ready for your apology", she tells you adding a little pressure on your chest. "Come on make it good, tiny or I might just tire of your bullshit and crush you right here."

"I sorry I ran on you but you scare me", you tell her, "If you treat me better I won't run away".

"Hmmm, I don't like all those ifs and buts. Let's try this again and I want some kisses with that apology.

You give her a long flowery apology about how great she is and how crazy you were to roll away. You crane your head to kiss between her toes that makes her giggle. "Not bad", she answers, "I like that feeling" as she shifts her foot so the bottom of second toe to directly over your face and you keep kissing and licking it knowing this will placate her and maybe she'll leave you in peace for a little while but so such luck. She releases you from under her foot but as you get back to your feet her other bare foot comes into position in front of you. She pivots it back on her heel and wiggles her toes. "Now let's see how you do on this side without me holding you in place."

You heavily sign knowing you have no choice and get on your hands and knees to kiss and lick the sole of her foot. When you are finish she picks you up and strips you naked before taking you to the bathroom sink to carefully wash you off and dry you. "Now you need to rest. We have a show tonight", she tells you as she places your naked body back in the bird cage and latches it shut. She covers the cage with a large silk blocking your vision and leaving you to yourself to recover and wonder what will happen next."

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