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By: superfan

The maid finally reaches a decision. $100 US is like one week's worth of generous tips at this hotel. So, after removing you from her bra, she transplants you to a huge, white canvas bag with a drawstring...which you soon realize is a change purse!

You spend the next five or ten minutes being bounced around. Along with a bunch of coins big enough to give you a concussion if they collide with your head. When all that--thankfully--stops, the maid's tremendous right hand reaches inside and takes you back out.

And you immediately see that that hand actually belongs to Alexandra the Great.

The semi-tuxedo-clad magician gazes down at you in malicious triumph as she says: "Welcome home, little one."

Evidently, the maid has already been paid off, because it's just the two of you in Alex's dressing room. Whereupon, the former puts you down on her vanity table, while using her left hand to doff her top hat and put it over you. For a few moments, you're in total darkness. When the hat is lifted back up, you spend a second or two readjusting to the bright light. After which... find yourself surrounded by a turban-shaped bird cage.

"Exactly where you belong, my pet! The question, now, is: do I punish you right away? Or, after the show?"

Your choices:

  1. Right away.
  2. After the show.

Retrieved September 13, 2016