...Alexandra and the Miad

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By: northgate

You hear voices and realize it is Alexandra talking to your latest captor, the maid. "Damn", you think, "I don't even know here name and I'm stuffed in her bra"

Alexandra recognized her as the maid that does her room and asked her if she had seen a small man that is a friend of her's about on the floor. The maid answers in broken English saying , "Small man?" and acting confused. "Yes, yes, a little tiny guy like a little mouse", Alex continues but the maid says, "No, I never see a small man". Alex tells her to keep a look out for you and to let the other hotel employees know she will pay a reward to the person who finds you. "One hundred dollars US", she says, "Cash". She turns to leave but is suspicious of this maid. She has a good sense of intuition and this one seems to be hiding something.

Once she is along in the locker room, the maid pulls you out of her bra and babbles on in Portuguese to you with a little English mixed in and you can tell she is considering the cash reward as she can use the money. She looks you over for a moment and decided to ...

Your choices:

  1. stuff you back in her bra for the remainder of the day
  2. go after Alexandra and collect her reward

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