Solitary Between The Cheeks

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By: northgate

Your new friend thinks you need to be punished and you are about to find out what she has in mind as she takes you into her bathroom. She takes a small strip of medical tape and tapes your ankles together. You figure that is to stop you from running again but then she uses another strip to tape your arms to your side. She hold you up to her face telling you something you don't understand and you reply in English trying to ell her you are sorry.

She just smiles at you and when you see what she has in mind next for you you howl out in protest begging her to stop. She pulls the elastic waistband of her underpants and wedges you between firmly between her butt check with your face right in her anus. She continues to get dressed slipping on a pair of pants firmly holding you in place.

You try screaming but it is no use and you just breathe in more of the horrible stench. You can hear a little bit of the outside world as she visits with someone and has lunch as well as going shopping. You have no idea how much time is passing as every second of this torture seems like an hour.

When she finally reaches home she takes her time before going to the bathroom and removing you from her ass. She puts in in the sink still bound and lets cool water run over you which is a relief. She takes some soap and washes you off and dries you with a hand towel. When she is done she opens a drawer next to the sink filled with girly accessories like nail polish, a brush and and hair bands and lies you down still bond with tape. She tells you something and closes the drawer plunging you in darkness and put in your place like her other possessions.

You can hear her outside the drawer flushing the toilet and running the shower but you have no idea when she may return for you. You lie there crying about all your bad choices and luck since finding the genie lamp.

When she returns and opens the drawer ...

Your choices:

  1. it's bedtime and she is ready to play
  2. She's dressed for work the next morning

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