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By: superfan

"Mil pardones, senorita," you yell up towards (hoping she'll understand the admittedly pitiful handful of Spanish you learned in high school): "But, I don't do this sort of thing on the first date. Adios!"

Whereupon, you dash towards the side of the bed, and drop towards the floor! Frantically grabbing every rosette of fabric on the way down, though, in order to slow your descent just enough so as not to break every shrunken bone in your body.

{And, to think, you originally _flunked_ peg-climbing when you had to take those annoying Presidential Physical Fitness tests in high school.}

Upon landing on the carpeted floor, you immediately head straight towards this giantess' bedroom door. Unfortunately, you hear a joyous giggle, worthy of a little girl, come from behind you. Followed by a series of increasing loud thumps! So, you suddenly start to zig-zag. But, it's too little/too late.

A gigantic right hand swoops down and scoops you up. Followed by a tremendously smiling face shaking a huge left index finger at you. All while uttering the first English phrase you've heard from this young woman all day. One she's probably been on the receiving end of (discourtesy of horny male guests) often enough to memorize it.

"Playink---hard---to---get? Naughty---naughty! Now---must---punish."

Whereupon, she...

Your choices:

  1. ...strips off all your clothes and spanks you with her left index finger.
  2. ...does something even worse (from your point of view).

Retrieved September 13, 2016