You Choose the Attic

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By: northgate

You signal in response by pointing to her breasts and nodding yes. She smiles and picks you up by encircling your torso with her thumb and fore finger. She lies back on the bed propping herself up with pillows and continues talking to you although you still don't understand a word. She re-positions you she she is holding you by your ankles and slowly lowers you down to her right nipple. As she positions your mouth directly over it you stretch down and give it a lusty kiss. You use your arms to steady yourself and continue to kiss and lick her nipple and she lets out a little giggle in reaction to your treatment.

After a few minutes, you feel yourself swing over to the other breast and you start again kissing and licking. You are hoping that if you keep her happy, you have a chance of getting her to help you. You are amazed at how her nipples swell at their already gigantic size. She slowly lowers you down on top of her breast and you sit there with her nipple now between your legs and you continue to play with it using your hands.

She lets out a laugh and you tumble off and fall into the valley between her two massive mounts . You start to move but she brings her arms up and pushes her breasts together burying you inn her warm flesh. When she releases you you try to get your bearings and move to somewhere safe but she chatters something else in Portuguese and when you don't respond she resumes the treatment squeezing you between her breasts.

What she probably thinks is a friendly love hug is suffocating to you in her warm breasts with no air supply. You finally succeed to crawl away to just below her breasts after the third time but she sits up a bit more and you go tumbling past her belly which you desperately try to grab a hold of anything to stop your descent. You roll past her belly button with no success and then you roll over a small trim triangle of hair that you are able to grab with one hand as the rest of your body goes over the edge to the bed below and between her thighs.

You stop in mid-air and your other arm comes up and grabs another handful of hair. You've stopped falling but you're hanging a few inches off the bed and positioned so her massive pussy is directly in your face. The smell is overpowering and she is dripping wet with anticipation all from your excellent job on her breasts. She looks down and sees your predicament and giggles at you. She asks you something that you ready wish you could understand.

You decide your best course of action is to ....

Your choices:

  1. Stay where you are
  2. Drop to the bed and run as far from that monster pussy as you can.

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