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By: superfan

This swarthy giant beauty crouches on the bed. Both her knees tucked underneath her, while she holds her hands on her hips. Unintentionally making herself resemble a truncated Colossus of Rhodes. And, as you raise your gaze skyward, trying not to miss an inch of her beauteous totality, she smiles. Revealing a set of flawless, pearly-white teeth.

Inevitably, however, she begins speaking again. Asking you a question in fluent Portuguese. But, in a breathy whisper that makes it impossible for you to be annoyed with her at not remembering you only speak English. But, remember she eventually does! So, she repeats the apparent question in a slower fashion. This time, using sign language even you can't fail to interpret.

She points first to her mountainous breasts; and, then, to her cavernous womanhood. You choose...

Your choices:

  1. The attic.
  2. The basement.

Retrieved September 13, 2016