Head for the Hallway

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By: northgate

You quickly come out of your hiding place and go over near the door. You wait until Alexandra comes back in and you stealthily sneak out the door as she closes the door behind you. You sprint down the hall to get as much distance as possible from your nemesis. You are feeling pretty good as you make your way down the hall to the elevator.

You quickly realize the problem when you get to the elevator. You can't reach the call button and you are stuck on this floor. You could wait until someone comes and pushes the button but then you'd probably be spotted in the elevator car. You start down the hall thinking you might find stairs when suddenly a hotel maid comes around the corner and there is nowhere for you to hide.

You try to run to the wall to get out of the way but she spots you. Her show comes down in front of you and tumble right over in unable to stop in top. You end up lying on your back and you look up to see her bending over to get you with a hand towel she was carrying. She catches you in the towel and rolls it up trapping you inside and slides in in the pocket of her uniform.

You are trapped there for sometime and you hear her speaking to people but you can't understand a word. Eventually she leaves the hotel and you think she boards a bus. She must be taking you somewhere but you have no idea where until she removes the towel that you are wrapped in from her pocket and open it up spilling you out.

You see that you are on her bed and she is sitting next to you watching you. You look around a see you are in a dingy one room apartment. She seems to be in her early twenties with a dark complexion, dark brown shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes. You try to move away from her but she grabs your legs with her fingers and dangles you upside down in front of her face babbling away in Portuguese and you don't understand. You try speaking to her in English but she just giggles at your voice and blows you a kiss,

She drops you back in the bed and stands to remove her uniform showing off her bra and panties. She continue to talk to you but don't understand and in response she pulls off your clothing leaving you naked on her bed. She then ...

Your choices:

  1. decides to play with her new toy
  2. decides to torture you

Retrieved September 13, 2016