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By: superfan

You decide to give this lecherous lady of legerdemain a taste of her own medicine. You head for the hotel room door and uproot a semi-circular area of carpet fibers from in front of the base of it. You then head back to the couch, sneaking underneath it on tip-toe, so as not to wake Alexandra!

The next part is a little difficult. You shimmy up the back of one of the wooden sofa legs as if you were climbing a tree, with a very wide trunk, in the middle of some forest. But, you eventually make it to the top, which is actually the underside of the couch. Here, you tear a little hole in the fabric, so you can carefully crawl into the space where the springs are.

Now, you just have to wait till she wakes up.

That happens an hour later. And, initially, she is quite calm as she calls out for you. Then, as anticipated, she gradually becomes more agitated. Angrily demanding that you come out of hiding! This almost makes you laugh out loud, because it reminds you of those TV cop show episodes where the hero and the damsel in distress are escaping from the hide-out, where they were soon to be executed, and one of the gunmen actually yells:

"Hey! Come back here!"

As if they actually would.

Anyway, Alexandra soon finds what you wanted her to find. Which, of course, tricks her into thinking you escaped by shimmying under the door! So, she swears at you, under her breath, and hurriedly unlocks the door in order to go search the outer hallway. Whereupon, you hurriedly come out of hiding and. . .

Your choices:

  1. really head for the hallway (where you'll be found by a hotel maid).
  2. ...head for the table with the nearest phone to call the American embassy.

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