Alexandra's Foot Slave

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By: northgate

Alexandra hypnotizes you to be her foot slave to amuse herself. She slides off her stilettos and places you at her feet. "What do you want to do more than anything, my little pet?", she asks you. You are deep in her hypnotic suggestion and don't need to be asked twice running to her foot and embracing her toes using your arms to carefully massage each one while kissing them over and over.

Alexandra giggles at how silly you look in love with her toes. "Don't forget to lick between each one to make them nice and clean", she tells you and you immediately respond to the suggestion licking wildly. She thinks how much fun this is and what she could get you to do next time. When she tires of feeling your tongue on her toes she simply says, "I think you should massage the bottoms of my feet and cover them with kisses." which you begin doing without hesitation.

Alexandria is having fun watching you obey her every command that she keeps it up for hours until she can''t keep her eyes open and falls asleep on the couch with you slowly massaging the top of her foot. You continue until you collapse from exhaustion and fall asleep yourself.

The next morning you wake in a strange place aching and with a horrible taste in your mouth. You look around and see you are sleeping in Alexandra's old beat up slipper, probably the oldest and dirtiest piece of footwear she owns. You crawl out and stretch out your muscles. You vaguely remember kissing something that accounts for the bad taste. You see Alexandra sleep on the couch above you snoring loudly. You see her bare foot hanging over the end of the sofa and your remember what you were kissing. "Yuk!", you think and you realize this is your chance to get away from her and her manipulative ways. However you are still in Brazil and don't speak Portuguese so gettinh help could be problematic.

Do you ...

Your choices:

  1. escape into the hotel hallway
  2. hide from Alexandra in the hotel room

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