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By: northgate

Alexandra is thrilled with the reaction of the audience and even the management gives her a congratulations. She is so happy with the results of the evening that she takes you back up to the room and has you remove your tiny outfit. She tells you smiling down at you that you did a great job coming up with the ideas and performing tonight and that she wants to reward you.

"I saw you checking out my breasts earlier so I'll tell you what", she says, I'll take my top of and let you get a good look at my breasts and if you you beg me, I might even let you play with them or if you'd rather I'll cover your entire body with kisses until you get off. Choose carefully because you may not get another chance at this"

You check out her incredible cleavage one more time before tell her that you want to ....

Your choices:

  1. Mount her beautiful plump breats
  2. Get off on her kisses

Retrieved September 13, 2016