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By: superfan

Alexandra gets right to the point.

"So, did you have any good ideas, short stuff?

Unfortunately, for her, she is bending down to look you at you, eye to eye, when she says this. Giving you a hypnotic view of her cleavage as enhanced by her bikini top! She frowns in annoyance when she notices this, and lifts your cage an inch off the table top to shake it.

Snapped out of your trance, you nod very enthusiastically.

"How about, if after I float up out of the hat, you let me down on top of the sand? And, the moment I do so, I start to do a Charleston!"

This is a very famous dance from the 1920's, which you first saw performed in the classic Xmas film IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. So, you demonstrate it for Alexandra. And, her smile quickly indicates she thinks it's a great idea.

Later that night, at the finale of her act, the audience enthusiastically agrees! Leading to...

Your choices:

  1. ...an interview with a female reporter.
  2. ...Alexandra giving you a choice of two anatomical rewards.

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