Alexandra and the Levitating Man

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By: northgate

Alexandra teaches you a trick where she will levitate you out of her hat and then make you disappear in a puff of smoke. Once she teaches you the trick, she gets a small animal cage out of her truck and shoves you in it. "This should keep you safe until show time", she tells you as she covers the cage with a silk. "Now I need to get my dinner and if you do well I'll save some thing for you for after the show."

She leaves you to sulk in the cage. You try to think of a way out such as calling out for help during the act but that would just get you in deeper trouble. You think that maybe it is best to stay with Alexandra until she returns to the United States and then you can escape.

She returns from dinner to change about two hours later and she has a little doll tuxedo that she picked up at a toy store for you to wear. It is rough and not comfortable but at least you have nicer clothes to wear. She does her act and you are the finale. The trick works fine but people just think you are a doll not a shrunken man so the impact is lost. She gets a mild applause and by the time you get back to the room she's annoyed. She puts you back in your cage and gives you some bread, water, and some ground beef. "I'm getting a drink at the bar", she growls at you as she covers the cage and goes back downstairs in her street clothes.

The next morning she is still annoyed as she puts on her bathing suit to go down by the pool. She looks hot in her tiny bikini and you ask, "Can't I come with you. This cage i so boring. I can't stand it in here anymore."

She looks at you through the bars and smiles, "You want to check out the hot girls at the pool? I'm afraid they're a little too big for you. Anyway if any of them were interested and they might take you back to their room and wear you out before the show. I can't have that. Now you stay here and think of ways to improve my show." She covers you back up and leaves for the pool.

Several hours go by when the door opens and a person comes into the room. They eventually come over to the cage and pull off the silk and you see....

Your choices:

  1. Alexandra back from the pool
  2. Tricia found you and is rescuing you (again!)

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