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By: superfan

The woman who spots you is a sultry brunette with hazel-brown eyes and long, raven-black hair. She promptly picks you up and stuffs you underneath the trench coat she has draped over her right arm. As she has evidently cleared customs, already, you are not discovered by anyone else. The result being that you remain trapped in darkness until this woman gets you to whatever hotel room she's staying in!

And the first thing she does is tickle a certain extremity between your legs.


This causes her free hand to instinctively cover her mouth in amazement.

"You _are_ real! And, here, I thought you might be some kind of animatronic action figure."

"Yes, miss," you reply, with the utmost politeness: "I am real flesh-and-blood. And I desperately need your help!"

So, once again, you introduce yourself and claim to have been shrunken in a lab accident and inadvertently brought to Brazil (fearing she might not believe the genie-related truth). Whereupon, she introduces herself as Alexandra the Great. A female stage magician taking a break from winter, back home, by working in the nightclub attached to this hotel.

"I was worried, the whole flight down here, that I might not get a huge attendance for my show. But, with you added to my act...?"

She lets that thought remain incomplete. But, she doesn't have to; the way she grinned as she said it lets you realize, right away, that she won't be helping you anytime soon.

Your choices:

  1. Opening Night, she saws you in half...using a match box and a nail file.
  2. Opening Night, she levitates you up out of her top hat.

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