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By: superfan

The drawer opens up, and you gulp as you Senhora Garcia looking down at you. And, history repeats itself as her face develops the same smile of malicious triumph as her daughter wore, when she recaptured you. But, where Rosita merely squeezed you into submission, earlier, her mother opens her blouse up and sticks you into her rather tight cleavage. All the time muttering something to you in the Portuguese she still mistakenly thnks you can understand.

She takes you back, with her, into the kitchen. There, you see Trish the babysitter tied to one of the kitchen chairs with what must be every dish towel in the place! There's also a red-stained dish towel wrapped around her forehead. and, the partially broken fish bowl on the kitchen floor demonstrates, to you, what must have happened.

Now, Senhora Garcia takes the sock you were imprisoned in, and stuffs it into the mouth of the unconscious Trish. Following which, she goes back to Rosita's room, and wakes her daughter up. There follows a heated conversation in Portuguese. After which, Rosita hurriedly puts on some clothes, while her mother packs a lot of others into a pair of suitcases.

An hour later, through the light overcoat Senhora Garcia is wearing (and which--unfortunately--camouflages you from prying eyes), you hear what are clearly arrival and departure times. You must be at the airport!

Suddenly, however, there is a jarring vibration. Followed by a curse in Portuguese; and the falling out of yourself from your chesty prison. By the time you look up, the Garcias are gone. Instead, you find yourself being discovered and captured by...

Your choices:

  1. astounded Japanese stewardess!
  2. ...a visting stage magician known as Alexandra the Great!

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