Trish Interrupted

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By: northgate

As you are talking to Trish, the mother who you now know is Senhora Garcia comes home unexpectedly and walked right into the kitchen. Neither of you hear her until it is too late and she sees that Trish has found you. They start arguing in Portuguese so you don't understand what is being said but Trish seems to be putting up a fight that it isn't right for her to keep you and that she needs to take you back. You assume Senhora Garcia is telling her that this is none of her business and that she should just leave.

The mother grabs for the bowl you are in but Trish won't let go and they struggle throwing you around against the sides of the bowl. Suddenly the bowl tilts enough that you fall out of it and bounce off Trish's tennis shoe to the floor where you are luckily unhurt. You look up and see they are still struggling for the bowl unaware that you are no longer in it. You also realize that since they don't know you are down on the floor you might get accidently stepped on so you start running away from them.

You are not far from the doorway that leads to the next room and you room for it as it leans into a living room that is carpeted which slows you down and you look for a place to hide until this gets resolved. You see a low sofa and figure that is a good place to hide under and make your way in that direction.

You don't get too far when a shadow falls over you and before you can react a hand comes down and grabs you up pinning your arms to your side. It's Rosita who heard the noise and got out of bed to investigate when she saw you crossing the living room. You try to yell out but she uses her other hand to cover your head suppressing any noise.

When she removes the hand you see you are back in her room and this time no one knows you are there. She smiles an evil smile because she knows that too. She talks to you but you have no idea what she is saying when you see her retrieve the matching sock to the stinky one she stuck you with earlier and you watch her open it. She drops you inside it and rolls it up and puts it in her drawer with her other clean socks effectively putting you where you won't be found for a while.

You struggle to get free of the sock although it is rolled up a wedged in the drawer between other pairs. You continue to try and ...

Your choices:

  1. you get yourself free of the sock
  2. you are hopelessly trapped

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