Kim's Shows you a Hamster Cage

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By: northgate

Kim sets a plastic hamster cage down next to you and you don't like where this is going. You look it over and see it is made of pink plastic with pink bars in the middle and inside is a water bottle, food bowl and a exercise wheel. You start to run across the table top away from this cage but her hand swoops down and plucks you up between her fingers. I need to keep my little man nice and safe she says as she uses her free hand to open the top and drop you in and snaps the top back on trapping you inside.

You grab at the bars and shake them. "You can't do this to me. You can't keep me prisoner in here", you shout at her.

"Well it looks like I can keep you in there", she replies, "You'll be safe and you look adorable in there. I'll let you out to play and get exercise if you promise to be a good boy. Don't worry I clean it out good for you. It's like new and tomorrow I'll get you a nice bed and a toilet too so it can be your little apartment."

"No, No, No!" you yell continuing to shake the bars.

"You need to behave", she tells you, "I was going to let you stay in my bedroom with me. But if you keep carrying on, then I'll put you away in a closet until tomorrow. Now what will it be."

You stop yelling and say, "I'm sorry. I just don't like being in a cage."

"Well don't think of it as cage. Just pretend it is your new apartment.... well I guess more like an efficiency", she tells you as carries you in the bedroom and sets you down on her dresser. "Welcome to your new home. Much safer than being on the floor of a plane and I will take good care of you."

You settle down knowing you have no choice in the matter and you set down on the edge of the exercise wheel as there is no where else to sit in there. You figure you'll get a chance to escape when she lets you out. You just need to play along for now. She leaves for the bathroom to get ready for bed and leaves you to sulk in your latest predicament.

After a while she comes out dressed in comfortable cotton pajamas and climbs in bed to watch TV. You can see and hear the TV through the bars but it doesn't help your mood at all. Eventually she shuts it off and you hear her say, "Nighty night" as she switches the light off and settles in for the night, You position yourself lying in the bottom the the exercise wheel with your feet up since there is no where else to sleep and doze off.

Your choices:

  1. The next morning with KIm

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