You're Noticed

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By: northgate

Another woman sees you on the floor as you are trying to scramble back into Ariel's purse and screams. Suddenly everyone starts to get jostled and there are shoes everywhere as you run to get out of harms way. A sneaker hits you and you get thrown further away from Ariel's purse which at this point you are not sure what direction it is in. The woman who spotted you yells, "There is a mouse on the plane!". At the same time the door to the plane opens and people start pushing to get off. A shadow falls over you and you see a flip flop about to crush you and you roll out of the way just in time.

You try to run away from the crowd when a manicured hand comes out of nowhere and scoops you up. You turn and can see it is a stewardess who quickly stashes you in a pocket in her skirt. You struggle to get free but she pushes a wad of paper towel and some other objects in her pocket pinning you down. You lie there helpless knowing that yet another chapter in your journey in about to begin.

You can hear the passengers exiting and even hear the stewardess saying, "Miss, you must leave the plane. They need to clean it for the next flight." There is pause as there are other voices and the stewardess responds, "If you lost something and it turns up, you'll be able to claim it in Lost and Found but you need to leave now."
You wonder if that was Ariel. It didn't matter because you wouldn't be able to do anything about it anyway.

After a few minutes you can tell she is walking and chatting with someone. They get into a cab and you hear her say, "I'm exhausted from the flight. I just want to go home and relax with my three days off." They continue talking but it really isn't mush relevant to you. You hear her enter a building and say good-bye to her friend. You continue listening and it sounds like an apartment building as she rides the elevator and enters her unit. It isn't more than a moment after she arrives that she takes you out of her pocket a hold you up to examine you.

"Aren't you a little cutie", she quips, "You know that the airline doesn't look kindly on stowaways." You get a good look at her and she is absolutely gorgeous. She looks to be in her mid twenties and has blond hair in a page boy cut . You see her eyebrows and figure she is a dye job but it doesn't matter and she beautiful features and nice tan skin. You look down and see what at your scale are enormous breasts.

"I'm Kim", she tells you, "What's your name?'

"Joe", you manage to get out before she continues, "Well little Joe, this is my apartment." and she turns so you get a view of a living room with a small dining room and kitchen nearby.

She continues and you quickly realize she is

Your choices:

  1. kind and will be nice to you
  2. is an evil man hating bitch

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