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By: superfan

Having satiated herself, Ariel withdraws you and washes you off. Then, she puts you back in her purse. Telling you not to worry. When meal time comes, she will personally sneak you some tidbits when the flight attendants aren't looking.

Fortunately, for you, that plan works out! And, as a result, your stomach not only stops growling. It remains pleasantly quiet all the way back to the U.S.

Finally, the jetliner lands. Upon coming to a full stop, five minutes later, the hydraulic debarkation tube is fitted into place over the main hatch. While all that is going on outside, however, everyone inside is unbuckling their seat belts, stretching their legs, and reaching for their carry-on bags in the overhead compartments. And, in the process of reaching for hers, Ariel gets jostled by a fellow female passenger.

As a result, her purse lands on the floor, spilling out half of its contents. One of which is you, as Ariel had kept the purse partially open so you could breathe!

Does she manage to sweep you back into the purse before the other woman notices you?

Your choices:

  1. Yes.
  2. No.

Retrieved September 13, 2016