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By: northgate

"Sureeeee..." , you say apprehensively not quite sure what this girls has in mind but you start to get the idea as Ariel starts kissing you over and over her tongue lashes over your head and upper body. Your arms are pinned to your side as she is holding you in her fist and you are helpless to do anything as her tongue goes up and down over your face slathering you in her saliva.

"Ummm, you taste so good she tells you ", as she continues. You look down and see her free hand pulling her shorts down to the floor and you start to get worried. "Now I expect just as many kisses from you down there.",, she tells you and before you can respond she lowers you down to her pussy and starts rubbing your head against her labia. She slips her flip flops off and her feet go up against the bathroom door. She plunges you inside her and all of her saliva makes a good lubricant to help slide you in. She pumps you in and out like you are no more than a dildo to her deeper with each stroke. Her fluids quickly cover you as you struggle to get free to no avail. After a few minutes she pauses with you deep inside her and you wiggle trying to get traction to back out of her hot tight hole.

"Oh, yeah", she says in response and you realize your wriggling has help you get anyway but it brought her to orgasm. "Oh yeah", she yells squeezing you with her legs as she soaks in the feeling. You continue to squirm trying to escape but it just further to excite her and you realize your best strategy is to stay perfectly still until she calms down and takes you out herself.

You lie there for a few moments but she isn't done and she flicks her finger into the the soles of your feet that are all that is exposed from inside her and you react in writhing pain. "Yeah, that's it" you hear her say as she shakes up and down some more. After a few more rounds she is finally satisfied and decides to ...

Your choices:

  1. pull her pants up leaving you trapped inside her for the remainder of the trip
  2. extracts you and washes you off.

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