Trish Agrees to Help You

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By: northgate

Trish quickly fishes you out of the bowl and then puts everything back as it was, She drops you in her jacket pocket and tells you everything will be fine if you just stay quiet. You wait quietly and eventually Mrs. Garcia returns and you hear an exchange where Trish must be giving her a report and getting paid and soon you are on your way, After about a 30 minutes walk you get to a student dorm and into her room. She takes you in the bedroom and closes the door.

She takes you out and sits down on the bed with you in her lap. She looks down at you and says, "We may not have a lot of time. Mrs. Garcia will know you are gone by now and there is no telling what she might do. I'm here for two more months and I have three roommates so staying here probably won't work." You both sit there thinking for a minute.

"I got it", Trish tells you, "There is a girl I am friends with who here who is going home tomorrow. She's from Providence which isn't too far from me. She can sneak you home and I'll come get you when I get back. OK?".

"I don't know", you respond, "Can I meet her first? Maybe she won't want to help . I guess we could ask her and I could meet her at the same time."

"Great", says Trish who grabs you up and you find yourself moving down the hall at high speed as Trish goes to her friend's room. She knocks on the door and I fair skinned girl with fiery red hair answers the door. "Hey Trish", she says as we enter the dorm room. There are three other girls watching TV in the common area but Trish holds me down at of view. "They all exchange hellos without getting up and Trish asks her friend if they can talk someplace private.

"Sure", says the girl and we go into a bedroom and she shuts the door. "What's up?", she asks Trish. "I need your help, Ariel", Trish starts, " I have something that I need you to take back to the US and take care of for me." She hold out her hand showing me to her. "This is Joe. He's a friend of mine and he has to get out of her soon. People are after him."

"What the fuck", says Ariel staring at you as you sit up on the bed between them, "Where did you get a little man?" "It's a long story", Trish replies, "I just want to know if you would hold on to him until I get home?"

"Sure why not", Ariel answers smiling down at you. Trish looks down at you too and says, "Are you OK with gong with Ariel?", she asks you.

You say....

Your choices:

  1. "OK, Looks like I've got a way back to the US!"
  2. "Trish, I think I'd rather stay with you and take my chances here."

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