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By: superfan

The two of you eye each other in mutual awkwardness for a few seconds. Then, she stands on tip-toe and brings the fishbowl down off the closet shelf.

"What are you?" she asks, mostly to herself. But, miracle of miracles? She rhetorically asked it in English!

You jump and hurriedly tell her your story. Then, you politely ask who she is; and, how is it she came to find you.

"My name's Trish. I'm an American exchange student from Gloucester, Massachusetts. I work as a babysitter, for Senhora Garcia, to earn extra spending money. And, I only found you because, all evening long, I've been smelling the stench from this sock! But, Rosita kept being such a pest, with this or that game she wanted me to play with her, I didn't get to search out the source until I finally put her to bed."

"Well, now that you have found me, could you please help me get back to the states?"

Your choices:

  1. She agrees.
  2. She's interrupted by Senhora Garcia (pronounced "gar-sha") getting home early.

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