Still in Brazil ... in the kitchen

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By: northgate

The glasses case opens and you are dumped out onto a kitchen counter. You stand up and get your bearings and see the mother and daughter from the beach watching you. The little girl's head is level with the counter and you realize how helpless you are as the size of a 7 year old is still much bigger than you.

Suddenly the girl's hand comes up and gives you a poke int he stomach knocking you down and she giggles. You think maybe you should have stayed in that beach bag and not wandered off. They start talking back and forth but you have no idea what they are saying. Then the mother walks off leaving you with her daughter who eyes you up with a smile. She reaches out and grabs you in her fist lifting you off the counter. You struggle but it is hopeless as she must be a hundred times stronger than you. She turns you upside down and laughs when you scream out. Suddenly the world is spinning by as she starts running through the house. She goes into her bedroom and drops you on the floor alongside some dolls that are twice your size. She starts to play with them involving you in the game although you have no idea what is going on. You try to casually walk away but she grabs you up and stuffs you in the back seat of her doll's toy car. She sticks a doll in the front seat and is about to take you for a ride when her mother comes in.

The mother takes you back and carries me back into the kitchen with her daughter in tow. You see that she has gotten a large round fish bowl and she drops you in. You try to reach up but the sides are too high for you to reach. The mom goes over to the refrigerator to get something and the little girl puts her face right up to the bowl and stares at you and sticks her tongue out at you. Apparently she got reprimanded for taking you to her room and now she blames you for it.

The mom comes back and drops some breadcrumbs in bowl which you eat up immediately. She then gets a shot glass full of water and lowers it down into the bowl. You drink from it and she seems pleased. Just then the phone rings and mom walks away leaving you again with her bratty daughter. The girl reaches in and gives you a poke and them knocks the shot glass over on top of you soaking you before leaving to go back to her room with a smirk on her face.

You crawl out from under the glass but you are helpless to do anything but stand there in the puddle and wait for the mother to return. When she finishes her call she comes back and sees the mess and pulls you from the bowl before taking out the glass and emptying the water into the sink. She gives you a stern talking to thinking you knocked the glass over in spite and you are unable to respond to her. She drops you back in the bowl and leaves the room leaving you behind on the counter.

You are left alone for a few hours until the mother comes back to make dinner. You watch her cook and set the table and she moves your bowl to the table between the two place settings. When they sit down to eat the mother takes you out of the bowl and on the table. You stand there unsure of what their intentions are while they sit down to eat but you soon find out as the little girl hold food over your head trying to make you jump and do tricks to get your meal. You are humiliated but you want to eat so you comply with her wishes to get a few crumbs.

After dinner the mom cleans up leaving you on the table with her daughter eyeing you up again. She smiles and takes her fork and waves it in front of you while she eats a desert like she's going to poke you with it. You slowly back away but her hand comes up and trips you knocking you to the table. Then she picks you up and drops you in her mother's plate and immediately tells on you saying what you suspect is that you climbed on the plate looking for scraps. The mother comes over and drops you back in the fish bowl before cleaning up the plates from the table.

You sit in the bowl dejected knowing as long as you can communicate this girl will continue to take advantage of you. They both leave the room and you are left alone again but not for long. They return a little while later and the mother is dressed up like she is going out to meet friends. The little girl drops a dirty sweat sock in the bowl which you guess must be your bed for the nigh. The mother takes the bowl and puts you on a closet shelf closing the door and leaving you alone in the dark. You realize she must have someone coming over to watch her daughter and she doesn't want them to see you.

You lay there on the smelly sock and wonder how you will ever get out of this mess when the closet door opens and you see a face. It's

Your choices:

  1. the little girl up to no good
  2. a babysitter amazed to see you.

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