Escape from the Beach Bag

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By: northgate

You climb up the side of the bag using the fabric glad that you could climb ropes in high school gym class otherwise you would have been trapped. The bag is open and climbing down the outside is easier. The girls are in the water and no where in sight and you take off away from the water toward town. It is a lot harder moving across the sand than you thought and you worry that the girls will discover you are gone and catch up to you in no time.

You keep trudging forward hoping you'll find water once you get off the beach but your hopes are dashed as you see a familiar sight - a shadow. Someone is behind you and you think the worst - that it is Lucia ready to stick you back in her bikini. You turn and look up but instead you see a young girl maybe 7 years old looking down at you. She says something that you don't understand and when you don't respond she picks you up and drops you in a bucket of seashells that she is carrying. She goes on her way skipping down the beach with the bucket swaying back and forth and you getting thrown about and you just hope she is taking you further away from your captors.

She stops and you hear her talking to another older feminine voice. Her hand reaches into the bucket and although you try to evade her she giggles and easily grabs you up in her hand and drops you into the awaiting hand of the woman she was talking to. You look up and see a beautiful big breasted tanned woman who must be this girls mother. She pushes her sunglasses up on her forehead and examines and questioning you. You don't understand a word and say, "Doesn't anyone in this country speak English?" She and her daughter both laugh at your tiny voice. The mother answers you but you still have no idea of what she says as she reaches down in her bag and pulls out her sunglasses case which is a hard clam shell design. She opens it and lays you down inside and you watch as the little girl waves good-bye to you. Before you can react, she snaps it shut and puts it back in her bag trapping you.

You lie in the case not sure what will become of you but after a while you are in motion and you sense that you've been taken inside somewhere. Thre is a long delay when you finally feel yourself being lifted out of the bad and the case opens and you see ...

Your choices:

  1. you are on a kitchen counter being watched by the mother and daughter
  2. you are the mother's bedroom and she has changed into sexy lingere.

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