Your New Friend Wants to Show You Off at the Beach

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By: northgate

She's changed into a bikini and looks fabulous. She picks you up and holds you in front of her face chattering away to you and you not understanding a word. You try to communicate to her by pointing at yourself and saying, "My name is Joe" repeatedly hoping to communicate to her. She smiles and points at you repeating, "Joe" to you. You shake your head up and down to show her she is right.

She smiles at you and says, "Meu nome é Alexandre."

"Alexandre", you repeat and she shakes her head still smiling. You try to continue by saying, "I need you to help me.", but she just laughs at you and sticks you into her bikini top wedged between her breasts. You grab on afraid that you will fall through to the ground. She walks over to a full length mirror and admires you before grabbing a beach bag and leaving for the sun and sand.

She walks a short walk from her house to a beach that isn't very crowded and you figure it is either an off day or this beach is private for the community she leaves in. She crosses the beach and joins another girl with dark hair and a dark tan. She sits up as Alexandre lays out her towel and sits next to her. She extracts you from her bikini and begins to chatter away to her friend apparently telling her how she found you. She hold you out toward this other girl and says, "Joe atender Luisa." and you figure her friends name must be Luisa.

Luisa says something and a moment later Alexandre drops you into her friend's awaiting hands. Luisa holds you up to her face and talks to you but you still have no idea what this girl is saying either. You try saying, "I need your help" but she just laughs and makes kissing noises at you like you are a small animal. She follows this by placing you on her towel between her thighs and directly in front of her bikini bottom.

You're not quite sure what she has in mind but you quickly get the idea as her delicate manicured fingers shove you forward into her bikini bottom and you put your hands out to stop yourself but they only push against her which is apparently what she wanted from you. She purrs at your touch and has a quick exchange with her friend. You aren't ready for this and you back away from her thinking she doesn't see you but you realize you are wrong as her thighs slam together stunning you and knocking you down. She picks you up between her fingers and you watch as she pulls out her bikini bottom and drops you in against her perfectly hairless womanhood. "Is this what they mean by Brazilian Wax", you think as she lays back down and fingers you through the material which you figure out is her prompt to have you play with her provate parts which you comply not sure of the alternative if you refuse.

She eventually is satisfies and is happy to have you trapped in her bikini pressed up against her. After a while she turns over but she uses a towel under her so you aren't crushed. When they decide to finally go in the water, she puts you in her beach bag. You look around and see it is possible to climb out. Do you try and escape this crazy girl or wait hoping that Alexandre will take you back?

Your choices:

  1. Wait in the beach bag - It's safe
  2. Escape while you can

Retrieved September 13, 2016