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By: lowlandslow

You see the girl shake her head and say something polite but firm. You then make out the woman looking at you and saying "well, I tried" then before you know it the girl has scooped you up, given you a brief hug against her and popped you back in the purse again.

To your horror you realize this really is it - you're on your way to Rio in this girl's possession and there's no escape.

Inside the purse you feel the plane land and feel the purse being carried. You hear the sound of the girl meeting a man and a woman and then the sound of a car. Eventually the car stops and the purse is carried some more.

Finally after what seems like hours you find yourself brought out the purse and face to face with the girl, how stripped down to her underwear as she plays with and teases you for a while, petting you and cooing to you in Portuguese before finally she carries you over to an empty aquarium and drops you inside.

Looking around you see a small bowl of nuts and seeds and a saucer of water. You realize the aquarium is lined with one of the girl's t-shirts and there's a sock in there that's possibly intended as a bed.

The girl laughs and bangs on the glass then blows you a kiss then seems to try to tell you something. You don't know what it is but moments later she flips a t-shirt over the aquarium top to cover you. When she removes it a little bit later she has changed

Your choices:

  1. into a bikini - she wants to show you off at the beach.
  2. into a miniskirt and low-cut top. She's meeting friends at a night club.

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