Trapped at the Airport

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By: northgate

You are trapped in her purse for hours and you wonder if she forgot about you. Finally she opens the purse and smiles down at you. Her finger descends down and plays with you before she extracts you from the purse. You get a quick look around and see you are in a stall in a bathroom. She whispers to you in a language you don't understand and then proceeds to stuff you between breasts and under a sports bra so only your head is exposed. She fixes her blouse so you are hidden from view and then goes on her way.

You can't see much and you aren't sure where you are so you hesitate yelling out and making trouble. You hear a lot of people around and you can't figure out where she has taken you until you hear an announcement overhead, "Final call for Flight 769 to Madrid is now boarding".

"Oh I'm in an airport", you think and then a moment later think "Crap, I'm in an airport and she is taking me somewhere far away. You realize how desperate your situation has become and you struggle to get free of her bra. You slowly work your way out but just when you think you are almost free her hand comes up and grabs you. You get a quick look at the terminal around you as she stuffs you back in her purse. You realize she only moved you to get you through security and now you could go back in her purse.

Your heart sinks as you hear them call for first class passengers to board for flight 103 to Rio De Janeiro and she gets up to board. You think this is extreme bad as you can't communicate with this girl and you are leaving the country. Your situation seems hopeless.

The flight takes off and she takes you out halfway through the flight and sets you on her tray with her half eaten dinner. She offers you food and drink and you gobble it up being as hungry as you are. She giggles as she watches you eat and when you finish she continues to play with you. You try to talk to this girl but she isn't interested in trying to understand you.

A woman sits down in the seat next to your new friend and sees you. They both talk for a while in what you now guess is Portuguese. You try again saying, "Why won't you please try to understand me." to the girl. It has no effect on her but the woman looks down at you surprised and in English says, "So the little man speaks too."

You look back at her suddenly taking an interest now that you know she speaks English. "Tell this girl she has too return me to America", you tell this woman.

She replies to you, "Your friend was visiting her sister at the university and as I guess you can tell by now speaks no English. She says she found you wandering outside alone and is taking you home to be her pet. You should consider yourself very lucky because she is from a wealthy family in Brrazil. Your life will be much better than wandering around outside on a college campus."

"You don't understand.", you tell her, "I can't be this girl's pet. I am a person."

She smiles at you, "I see you are a big man. Well then perhaps you would like to come with me and be my little lover? I may be able to convince her to let you come with me instead."

You look her over. She is probably in her early thirties, tall and dark with straight jet black hair. She has a beautiful face and you think being with her could be more fun than your current situation. "OK, I will go with you", you tell her.

She restarts up the conversation with the girl and they get into a lengthy back and forth. You wish you could understand what is happening but you don't understand a word and then....

Your choices:

  1. The girl grabs you up and sticks you back in her purse
  2. The woman picks you up off the tray

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