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By: lowlandslow

You stare up at this huge foot coming down at you and scream out in terror. The owner of the foot stops and crouches down to look at you. It's a Mediterranean-looking girl of about eighteen or nineteen with beautifully tanned skin and a beautiful face.

She says something to you but you don't understand what it is.

"My name's Joe" you yell, "I've been shrunk and a need some help".

The girl giggles and scoops you in her palm. She says something else to you you don't understand. You yell and yell but it's obvious this girl speaks no English.

She giggles at how cute you are and pops you into her purse.

When she brings you out you are

Your choices:

  1. in a hotel room.
  2. In an airport.

Retrieved September 13, 2016