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By: northgate

You realize what she is saying is true and without Jasmine you have no chance to return to normal. You also don't want to be a lab rat prodded for the rest of your life or a sex toy for a sorority. This woman's daughter sounds nice enough and and may be willing to help you so you look up to the professor and say, "I agree to go home with you but please remember I am still a person and not some kind to toy for your daughter"

"Of course I know that", she answers, "She is very nice and given your current situation it really is the best alternative". She opens a desk drawer and removes some papers and lowers you in. She gives you a piece of a bagel she was bringing to work and fills a small medicine cup with her coffee. "I have some classes to teach and lab time today but I will try to get out of here early so we can get home." She slowly closes the drawer leaving it open a crack so you get some light and leaves her office for class.

The food is filling and you feel a bit better but you are still concerned about your future. Maybe you can still make something of this like the people who have somewhat normal lives even with severe handicaps. Maybe you can still go to school here and lead a semi-productive life. Maybe this professor and her daughter are the best things that happened to you.

The professor returns in the mid-afternoon and checks on you with more food and drink and she tells you she is just going to stop in the lab for a about 30 minutes to check on things and then she will be ready to go.

You wait patently feeling positive about this when she returns and lifts you out of the drawer and to the desktop. She has a container with her that she opens next to you. "I got this to transport you home so you won't get hurt", she tells you. You reluctantly let her lower you in. It is a round clear plastic container not much taller than you and a little more room than a telephone booth. You figure she is probably right as she snaps the lid which has holes in it for air.

She places the container with you in it in her shoulder bag and carries you home which apparently is about a 20 minutes walk from her campus building. When you get there she sets a purse down and the find yourself waiting for her to extract you. She finally returns and takes you out placing you on her home desk. She takes out a box that is a bit bigger than the container and she lowers the plastic container with you still in it inside.

You shout at her to explain why she is doing this but she only replies by saying, Shh, you need to be quiet. It will all be fine." She stuffs some decorative paper around the container steadying it in the box and punches holes in the box lid for more air before closing it and plunging you into darkness. You feel the box being moved around at different angles and the sound of paper wrinkling and then there is silence.

You wait for an hour and start to worry that the air is getting stale and you might suffocate but this won't happen as you suddenly hear voices. It is your professor friend talking. This is something very special that I wanted to give you privately. It is one of a kind but I know you are responsible enough to have this now."

You hear a girl's voice say, "Thanks mom. What is it... the Hope Diamond?" Suddenly, the box starts to shake and you her paper being torn and the box lid being opened. The container you are in is extracted and you see a beautiful blond girl with big blue eyes looking in at you in amazement. "What is it?", she asks confused.

Open the container and lay it down on the table" her mother tells her and she complies watching you carefully. You climb out of the container happy to be free from the confinement and wave to her, "Hello Anya. I'm Joe. You're mom said I could come and stay with here".

She picks you up without warning and gives you a big hug between her breasts. :You are the most adorable little man I have ever seen. We are going to be best friends and do everything together this summer. You're going to just love me and all my friends. You are the cutest thing ever."

She stands up still holding you and thanls her mom with a kiss and carries you back to her bedroom to settle in with you.

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