Hide in the Stairwell

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By: northgate

You hide in the back of the stairwell for the night figuring that in the morning you'll be able to slip out while girls and coming and going. You wait through the night and although you doze off a few times you don't really get any sleep. Morning comes and girls start to come down the stairs and leave. You wait for a pause in the action and position yourself by the heavy steel door. Within a couple minutes, I girl comes down the steps and pushes the door open. You run through the door as it opens careful to avoid being stepped on by this giant girl.

You make it outside and look around at the gigantic world and you realize maybe this wasn't such a great idea. Everything is so big and the world is a dangerous place for a little guy like you. You think that all you have been trying to do is escape without a plan of what to do once you escaped. You want to walk down the path but the giants walking along could step on you and crush you without even being aware. You are nervous about walking in the glass because of the dangers with bugs or other creatures.

You decide to head for Health Services because you don't have a better idea and you carefully make your way down the path hoping you can find it. However, that won't be your problem for long as a shadow falls over you and you realize you've been spotted. You turn around and look up and see ...

Your choices:

  1. A beautiful university professor looking back at you
  2. A careless girl about to step on you

Retrieved September 13, 2016