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By: northgate

You wander down the halls and realize you are in a girl's dorm building. It's pretty late and the floor is quiet which is to your advantage. On the downside, the dining hall is probably in another building maybe if you are lucky it is connected to this building. You look up at the enormous doors to each side of you and see the room numbers all start with 2 meaning you must be on the second floor. You past a door and realize it is the bathroom. Their is a vent panel at the bottom and it is damaged. Looks like someone kicked it making a space you could climb through. Just beyond the bathroom is a stairwell door and it is not fully closed, just enough for you to slip through.

The steps are formidable to get down but you can do it as long as you have time. Slowly you take one at a time until you make both flights and you are at the bottom. There is an exit sign at the door at the bottom of the steps which indicates to you that this is the floor to the outside. The problem is that the door is closed and there is no way you can reach the handle to pull it open or have the strength to open it. You are stuck at the bottom of the steps which only two alternatives.

One, you could hide at the bottom of the steps back in the corner of this stairwell and wait until morning when there is some traffic and you can sneak through when I girl opens the door. Your alternative would be to climb back up the steps. The steps are too high but you could go along the outer railing which has an inclined edge and work your way back up. However, what do you do when you get back up to the second floor. You certainly aren't going to go back to Lori and Kelli so your only other choices would be to hide in the bathroom or find another door that you can slide under and hide.

You decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. Hide at the bottom until morning
  2. Climb back upstairs and find a hiding place.

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