Enough is Enough!

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By: derekthedalek

Inside the worn sock you are furious - at that stupid genie for screwing up your wishes, at all these giant women who seem incapable of at least being nice and respectful if they're not going to fulfil your wildest fantasies! And of course you're angry at yourself for asking to get away from that harem girl in your haste - not realizing of course you'd still be shrunk and Jasmine could naturally send you something as bad if not worse.

But you're at your limit now! You are adamant that you're not going to become the slave or pet of some petty minded set of college girls and spend the rest of your days round smelly feet taking nail painting orders. That's not even remotely sexy to you. In the ideal world you'd have the presence of some two dozen perfectly loyal harem girls from all over, capable of treating you with as much respect when you're an inch tall than when you're full size, and you'd be perfectly capable of surviving all ascepts of their beautiful, titan sized bodies. And in exchange you'd give them lovely living conditions and service when not around you. So why is it all genies are tricky? Why are all Harem Girls prone to betrayal and see you as the nasty little master who they can now torture? And why is there not one darn college girl you've met thus far who can't see your point of view, protect you from the others and help you get back to your size... or better yet, help you find that tricky genie and make her give you proper wishes!

You mute your inner rant for a moment and listen to the loud snores of your unwanted giant room-mate. A sly grin appears on your face - if Lori is like any drunk you've had the pleasure of knowing, she'll be likely to be deep in the land of nod and unlikely to hear any micro sized wanderer in the act of escaping. And besides, what's the point of remaining where you are? Clearly these lot don't give a jot about your opinion and will be giving you pretty humiliating tasks regardless of whether you escape and get caught or stay here and play Yes Man.

You have to give dibs to Kelli's plan of using two socks to trap you - getting out of them proves tricky as you're not all certain on you postion besides being on a nightstand. Still you perservere despite the horrid smell of sweaty socks and with some effort you wetch through a gap into the clearer room air. Now you plan your moves carefully, figuring how to scale yourself down the set of drawers to the carpet floor. Lori is still out of it, but you consider the problem of running into Audrey or Kerri once you're out of here. And of course you have no idea where on Earth this campus is - well clearly you're still in America given the number of voices in that particular twang you've heard so far, but you could easily be on the other side of the country from where you normally reside. But you will never give in - you balance the threat of becoming a puppet for some stupid sorority compare to the dream of returning to your riches - with a loyal harem and a humbled genie, ideally. Even though that could be months or even years away, you're not going to go without fighting if you have to.

As per most college people Lori is not exactly tidy and you have to sidestep several items of loose clothing and thrown down stuff in your journey to the doorframe. When you get there you find squeezing under the doorway is tricky but you do manage it, emerging in a long hallway with a dozen or so doors, many stuck with fancy posters and stickers and just visible name tags. You are clearly in sleep time but you can't run the chance someone needs a bathroom break or midnight snack. Speaking of which, food is quite high on your list of needs right now, having being given nigh on any in the past twenty four hours. But getting away from this place is high up too - you have to consider all the inhabitants of this place as the enemy in your micro sized war for survival, and even when you're out and about you'll be taking care not to reveal your position to anyone until you're sure you can trust them not to cause you pain.

So what's it gonna be, hero? A trip down to the kitchens for a risky search for grub and supplies, or to get out now and take the task of escape on your own steam?

Your choices:

  1. Food first!
  2. Escape first!

Retrieved September 13, 2016