Morning with Kelli and Lori

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By: northgate

You are awaken and unwrapped by Kelli who drops you on her desk top. "I have a present for you", she tells you and presents you with a cap full of water from a bottle of spring water that she has and a piece of buttered bagel that she brought back from the dorm cafeteria. You gobble it up as you hear her say, "Now this present is goodwill. I expect you cooperation on our project and I'll make sure you get all you want to eat. Mistake my goodwill for a weakness and you will regret it.

You finish eating and she tells you it is time for your lesson. She has taken time to modify several tools for you to give her a pedicure. She teaches you everything you need to know. You are not happy with these tasks but it is better than being tortured. She spend the morning teaching you how to remove old nail polish, clean their nails, filing down nails as needed and applying new polish. You have to practice on Lori and Kelli for most of the day. You keep thinking you are going to pass out from the fumes especially the acetone they use to remove the old polish but they give you enough breaks away from the fumes to keep you awake.

You get lunch and a break so overall this isn't too bad. At the end of the day they clean you up and bring you a dinner. When you are finished they put you in Kelli's underwear drawer as a reward as they plan to go out for the night. You almost feel good about the day as you lay back to rest but then you remember the end game. They will be taking you back to the sorority and you'll be forced to do this disgusting task who knows how many times a week. You recall your old girlfriend telling you that she wished she could get a pedicure very week. You do the math and realize this could be a full time job.

They let you sleep until morning and they retrieve you after breakfast to start again. "We let you get lots of rest", Lori tells you, "because you are going to very busy. Now that we taught you the basics, it is time for you to learn the fine points to impress the girls. Kelli has some new tools for you to use to allow you to make intricate designs instead of just doing just one color of a French style. You are naturally pretty artistic and used to draw so you pick this up pretty quickly. By lunch time you have done design work on each of their big toes to their satisfaction. They clean you up to get the sticky chemicals off you and give you lunch. As you finish they tell you that now you need to learn all the fine details of providing this service. They teach you to bow down and kiss and massage toes before starting which you find totally humiliating but you comply after going this far. You just hope to get through the night and have an opportunity to escape these crazy girls.

They force you to kiss and play with their toes which laughing at you and coming up with other humiliating tasks for you to do until it is time for you to go back to the sorority for dinner and your premiere. Kelli packs up all your supplies and they take you back for dinner. As pledges they are required to serve Sunday dinner. During the whole dinner you are kept in the kitchen with them. They put you in a round clear glass container that is used to store pasta which is far too tall for you to escape. They tell the other pledges that all coo at you through the opening at the top of the container. One girl drops some food down to you which you grab and eat up.

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