Lori Returns Drunk

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By: northgate

Lori returns and opens the drawer to check on you. She looks down with disdain and says, "You better have some good ideas for me.". You've been sleeping most of the time and didn't think of a single idea. Lori plucks you from the drawer and drops you on her desktop. You can tell from her speech that she is pretty drunk. You look up at here and she is incredibly hot looking but wouldn't think twice to squash you in her bare hand. She levels her index finger with finely manicured french nails in front of your face and roars, "I'll give you ten seconds to give me a great idea or I'm going to break your arm off!"

You jump back a foot because she is a mean drunk and probably will carry out her threat. She starts counting, "10... 9... 8... 7..." when she is interrupted by another gorgeous blond. She is a bit more full figured that Lori and a couple inches shorter. She has a friendlier look about her. Hey Lori, so where is this boy toy you were telling me about."

"On my desk about to get his ass kicked for not doing what he was told.", she replies giving you a shove and knocking you down to the desk top.

"Oh, he is so cute", this new girl gushes as she comes close up to you so her face fills your field of vision. "Hi there I'm Kelli", she tells you, "I'm Lori's roommate and pledge sister. I hear you are joining the sorority too as our new house pet."

You stand up and look back at her, "You need to help me. I used to be normal size and I live in this town. I can't be a pet."

They both laugh to your comment. Lori joins her friend looking at you, "Really? What would you do if we let you go? Go home? I don't think you could reach the door knob. Go to the police or the hospital? What do you think they will do for you? Got a girlfriend? I'm sure she'd like a doll for a boyfriend." Kelli leans in, "Yeah we're your best option and you don't have a choice anyway."

Lori turns to her friend, "So the little shit needs to come up with an idea that I can show after dinner Sunday at the house and he doesn't have anything for me. Which arm do you think I should break off to convince him?"

Kelli thinks for a minute and says, "I have an idea. Let's teach him how to give pedicures. I can teach him and he can give them to everyone in the house. It will be a good job for a guy his size. He can do them for us and then we'll have him give one to Audrey on Sunday."

Lori thinks for a minute and laughs, "That might work. OK, tomorrow morning we'll teach him everything he needs to know to be a pedi-boy."

You aren't really thrilled with this idea and tells them, "I don't know about that. I'm not exactly a foot man and ...." You are interrupted by Lori who grabs you up in her fist, "You'll be whatever we tell you to be."

She turns to Kelli and says, "I think we need to give him a lesson to teach him to love our feet" . She drops you to the carpeted floor and you watch them slip out of their flip-flops and a moment later there are feet all around you. Lori gives you a kick sending you flying and when you look up her bare foot is hovering over you and demands you kiss it. She lowers it and you comply fearing she will really step on you. Next Kelli shoves her toes in your face and asks you if you can't wait to give her her pedi. You hesitate and she spreads her toes and grabs you between the first two. She sits down and crosses her leg leaving you suspended over the floor. Both girls laugh at your predicament and Kelli says, "He can't even fight my dainty toes. He is totally in my control. Hey tiny, maybe you can learn to give foot massages too."

Kelli plucks you from her toes and hold you up and smiles at you. "Now we need to get you in a footsie state of mind and I know just what to do. She reaches over and picks up a sweat sock from her bed. "I wore this a soccer today so it is nice and fragrant and it will get you used to my delicious scent", she laughs as she drops you down into the sock. She takes a second sock and rolls them together trapping you inside. To add insult to injury, she and Lori play catch you the ball of socks with you inside.

Finally Kelli drops the pair of socks on her nightstand and says to Lori, "We better get some sleep. There is a lot to do tomorrow to get him ready."

Your choices:

  1. Wait till the morning
  2. Try to get yourself out of the socks and escape

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