Lori's Room

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By: northgate

After a what seems like a very long walk including going outside, you arrive at Lori's room. She removes you from her pocket and you tumble out of her hand and onto a desk. You look around and see you are in s standard undergraduate dorm room. This is the more expensive model room with two beds and desks in the room and it has a private bath.

"We're in luck", she tells you, "My roommate is out of town for a few days so It will be just you and me." She sits down in a char in front of the desk and her breasts are just a bit over you and right in front of you. She removed the sweat jacket and she is wearing a tight white ribbed t-shirt. "It's Friday night", she tells you, "so I hope you have some ideas of how to entertain those girls because I don't have time to start coming up with this shit."

"I don't know either", you tell her clueless as to what you're suppose to do.

Her fist comes down hard onto the desk right next to you knocking you onto your ass. "Well then you better think of something fast because my future there depends on it." You look up at her and she doesn't look happy with your answer. Her hand descends down and she pinches you between her fingertips and picks you up squeezing you so you can't breath. "Now I going out tonight with my pledge class and when I get back you better have a couple good ideas.", she tells you. She opens up her desk drawer and drops you in.

You look up and her and say, "Wait" but she doesn't listen and closes the drawer with you trapped inside. You listen and hear so noise and she gets ready and finally you hear the door and know she left. You sit there and lament your fate.

She is gone for hours and you are both hungry and thirsty when she finally opens the drawer and looks down at you.

Your choices:

  1. You still don't have an idea and she is drunk
  2. You have an idea for her

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