Kissing Right to Left

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By: northgate

You figure you better play her game and start kissing her toes right to left but she still isn't happy with you. She pulls her foot back and yells at you, "How dare you kiss me without me telling you to. You don't get to kiss me. Just who do you think you are."

She plucks you off the ground and holds you upside down by your feet at eye level. "I need to think of a suitable way for you to learn your place here but for now this should hold you." She carries you over to her desk and lowers you into a tall plastic tumbler. There is about a half an inch of water in the bottom but she doesn't bother to dump it out first. Then she takes a Lucite paperweight and sets it on top of the tumbler in case you thought there was any chance you could have climbed out. You look at you r prison and know that wasn't going to happen because the tumbler which is about twice your height.

You're able to straighten yourself out in the confinement of this giant sized tumbler so you are right side up and you're even able to get a drink of water as you wait unsure of what Audrey has in store for you. However, you don't have to wait to long when she returns with another girl. She removes the weight and looks in at you then she passes the glass to the other girl who smiles down at you. Her smile isn't comforting at all but unsettling to you

A moment later, Audrey tilts the tumbler over and you roll out on to the desktop. You try to gain your position and dignity as you hear Audrey speaking overhead. "This is Lori, the head of our current pledge class. Lori has been one of our best pledge leaders in years and I think she has the potential to be president of the sorority someday. I've asked her to take charge of you for now and to train you. She is going to teach you to amusement our sorority sisters. We have a big dinner every Sunday and that's she's going to show us all of her progress."

Lori picks you up between her fingertips and squeezes you roughly, "Hey runt, we'll have a good time with this class" From what you can see she is a thin tan blond which so pretty nice boobs. "Maybe implants", you think. You look her over best you can while she is examining you at the same time and you can imagine her wearing a tight white t-shirt with the word Bitch written in rhinestones. "This girl could be trouble", you think to yourself.

Audrey turns to her and says, "Look I picked you to do this because I think you are the right person for the job. Sunday after dinner, we'll clear the table and he can do a little show before dessert. Don't let me down. Your future at this sorority depends on it.

Lori is wearing a sweat jacket and she unzips a side pocket and pushes you in. "Don't worry, I'm the right person for this job.", she says as she re-zips the pocket with you inside.

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