Shower with Audrey

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By: northgate

Audrey strips down with you still dangling from around her neck and she changes into a terry cloth robe which hides you against her chest. She hums to herself as she gathers her things and goes down to the common bathroom on the floor for her shower. It is deserted as she enters the bathroom. She removes her robe and you see it is a small bathroom with three private showers and three sinks. You see a door that is partial open and that leads to a toilet.

She hangs up her robe and a towel and enters the shower. She adjusts the water and says, "I hope you like it steaming hot because I do." She isn't kidding either as the hot water violently hits your body. She enjoys the water for a while and leaves you alone. Next she shampoos her hair the suds coming flowing down and cover you as you try to keep the soap out of your eyes and mouth but this is only the beginning. She takes a loofah and puts you in the center of it and uses a rubber band to secure you in place. She rubs it and you all over her body and you can barely breath from the soap suds as she glides you over her breasts. "Now use your puny arms to rub in that soap", she tells you as she lowers you to her pussy and rubs you against her bush. You don't think it can get worse and then she rubs you all over her ass and finally down through her ass crack. "Pucker up and give me a kiss back there tiny", she laughs.

When she is done she puts you back around her neck and stops the water to dry off. She steps out of the shower and there is a girl at the sink. She sees Audrey and says, "Whoa Audrey, it sounded like you had a lover in there washing you. I didn't realize you ...." She stops in mid-sentence when she sees you hanging around her neck. "What the hell is that? Is he real?", she asks as she reaches out a finger and gives you a poke.

"Ouch", you yell and her eyes get really big and she watches you struggle in the chain. "Listen Shanna, he's my little pet and he is a secret. I don't want you telling anyone about him.", Audrey tells her.

Shanna is a tall blond with soft breasts and a cute smile. She thinks for a minute and says....

Your choices:

  1. "Forget it. Everyone should know you are keeps a little man in the house"
  2. "I can be quiet if you make it worth my while"

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