Beg Heather for Forgiveness

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By: northgate

You decide your best course of action is to beg this rich bitch for forgiveness since you may get lucky and she will go easy on you. She doesn't return for hours and you realize it is past the dinner hour when she releases you from your prison. You see that she brought you a few crumbs from her dinner and a water bottle that she pours some water into the cap for you to drink. As per your plan you run to her hand get on your knees and kiss it while telling her that you are so sorry for being bad.

"That's OK, tiny.", she answers, "I forgive you and to make it up to me we are going to get to go out tonight too. Now eat up because we are going to have a long night." She pulls her hand back and you follow her lead and eat and drink until you are full.

When you are done, you see she is getting dressed to go out in a pretty provocative outfit. Once she is done she come back over to you with a small sewing kit in hand. "now you need to lie perfectly still or you might get hurt", she tells you and she pushes you down on your back. She takes a length of thread and uses it to tie your ankles together. Then she takes a second length and binds your wrists together.

"What are you doing?", you ask her wondering what she has in mind.

"Shhh, you talk too much", she tells you, "Just wait and see. It's going to be awesome but first I need to take care of that big mouth of yours." She looks in the kit and finds a small bead. "This might work", she muses to herself as she threads it on a length of thread. She sits you up and shoves the bead on your mouth gagging you and ties off the thread behind your head. "Perfect", she says admiring her work, "I'm tired of hearing you talk. If you are really good, I may take that out of your mouth later tonight. She reaches over to a jewelry box and takes out a long gold chain that she runs between your legs. Finally, she stands up and lifts the chain leaving you dangling in mid-air by your ankles. She carries it over to a full length mirror where she fastens the gold chain around her neck leaving you dangling between her breasts. "Perfect", she repeats, "If you won't be my servant, then I'll find other purposes for you". She pulls out her shirt and tucks you in between her breasts hidden from view.

She leaves the house and you can hear as she meets up with two friends and goes to a club where they settle in at a corner and order drinks. They get their drinks and are making typically girl talk when you hear her say, "Check this out girls" and you feel her pull on the chain extracting you from her bosom into plain view of her friends. "Oh My God, what is that", you hear one say while the other follows with "Is that for real?" Heather gives you a little pinch causing you to squirm and both girls to gasp. "Oh he's a real guy just downsized a bit", she laughs. She takes the necklace off and dips you in her drink in a martini glass followed by taking you between her lips and sucking you dry.

"Oh come on Heather, that is too cool. How about letting me play with him", says her one friend which has full flowing red hair and bright green eyes.

Heather says,

Your choices:

  1. "No, he's all mine" as she put you back around her neck and tucked away.
  2. "Sure" as she lets you slide off the chain and into her friend's hands.

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