Defy Heather

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By: northgate

You need to set limits so you yell at her, "I'm not your slave. I am a person like you and you can't own me."

Her smile immediately turns to a frown and grabs you in her fist squeezing the breath out of you. "You apparently haven't been paying attention. First, I paid Audrey for you so you do belong to me. Second, you must not heard what I said about no limits a moment ago. Looks like you'll need some obedience training to get into shape. You need to learn how lucky you are to belong to me."

She carries you into to a table where she drops you down and sits in front of you look down at you. "Let's see. I won't be too harsh because this is all new to you and you still don't get it. Maybe you just need to some alone time to get it. She reaches in her drawer and extracts a small velvet box that an expensive bracelet might come in. It is hinged and she opens it and you see a satin lining inside. She lays you down in it and it isn't much bigger than a coffin to you and snaps the lid shut leaving you in darkness.

You hear her drop you back in the drawer and says, "Now you are all safe and sound where only I know where you are and only I can let you out. I want you to think about that and how wonderful it will be to be my pet. When I come back I expect you to do something to make this up to me." She closes the drawer and leaves the room leaving you in darkness and quiet.

You lie there pissed at yourself for getting in this situation and trying to figure a way out as well as what you are going to do when she returns. You decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. Offer her a foot massage
  2. Beg for her forgiviness and kiss her hand

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