Awaken by Heather Yelling

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By: northgate

You are awaken by a voice yelling for you. You were deep asleep and you a confused with where you are and who is calling your name. Suddenly your whole room shake like you are in an earthquake. You are startled but quickly remember where you are. Meanwhile Heather annoyed by you ignoring her came looking for you and kicked the shoebox you were sleeping in before removing the cover and glaring down at you.

"Did you forget that I bought you and you are my servant now?", she growls at you.She reaches in and picks you up between her fingertips and lifts you up to her face. "I think my little servant needs some discipline.", she tells you, "Mother won't let me discipline the paid help but I can do whatever I want to you and if that doesn't scare you it should."

"I'm sorry", you tell her, "I was so tired from everything that happened to me..." but she cuts you off in mid-sentence.

"Let's play a little catch. Don't all guys like to play catch?", she says as she carries you over to the bed and sits down in the center of her bed and looks down at you in the palm on her hands. "Wheee", she says as she throws you in the air catching you before you hit the bed. She keeps it up throwing you higher each time. She catches you each time but slamming into her hand probably isn't much better than hitting the bed.

She stops for a moment and you beg her to stop. She responds, "Oh, my little toy don't like catch. Maybe you'd prefer and old fashion spanking instead.", she tells you are she flips you over and uses her fingertips to smack your bare bottom. You cry out but she only laughs at you. When she finishes she carries you to her desk. "Since you are so tired I am going to give you a chance to rest while I shower, dress and get my breakfast. She opens a hard eyeglass case and removes a pair of designer sunglasses. She drops you in the case and closes it leaving you in a space similar to a coffin. You press on the lid but it doesn't budge and you hope there is enough air to sustain you.

You lay there miserable about your situation and wonder if you would have been better off at the sorority. You lie there for some indeterminate amount of time until Heather returns. She

Your choices:

  1. decides to take you sun bathing with her.
  2. is accompanied but one of the house servants

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