Kissing Heather Toenails

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By: northgate

Heather thinks for a moment about a job for you and she smiles and drops you to the carpet by her bare feet. She takes a cotton ball and wets it with some water from her bottle of Evian. She hands you the wet cotton ball and says, "I got a nice French pedi yesterday and now my nails are all dirty. I want you to clean each one and when you finish give it a big kiss so we both know it is really clean."

You hesitate dumbfounded by her request and she right over your head as if she was going to step on you and roar, "Well, what do you say?"

You snap to attention and reply, "Yes, Mistress Heather. Right away, Mistress Heather."

You proceed to do as she ordered to her delight as she watches you working and occasionally playing with you with her toes.

When you finish she says, "Good job. Now I have to assign you quarters since you are too small to go home or sleep in a regular bedroom."

You watch as she goes to her closet and comes back with a shoebox, She gets scissors and cuts a crude door out of the cardboard in the side on the box. Next she carries you and the box back to her huge walk in closet. She pushes some shoes out of the way just inside the closet and sets the shoebox down and you next to it. "Isn't that great", she says, "You're own little place to live in. Now let me warn you now. Don't even think about wandering around out of this room without me. The servants are not very nice and may step on you out of spite. Now behave yourself and maybe I'll help you decorate your apartment."

She tells you to go in and you comply. The place is empty except for the strong smell of leather. The box is big but your head almost touches the ceiling. Suddenly the lid is lifted away by Heather and she looks in at you. "Hmmm, pretty barren in there. Here" and she drops a ripped sweat sock in with you. "Something for you to cuddle with and think of me.", she tells you as she puts the lid back on. and turns off the closet light plunging you in darkness although she does leave the closet door ajar.

"Now you can get some rest and tomorrow you can start the real work and don't forget you better coming running if I call for you.", she tells you as she leaves.

Your choices:

  1. Wake up in the middle of the night and decide to explore
  2. You are awaken on the morning by Heather yelling for you.

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