Audrey Accepts Heather's Offer

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By: northgate

Audrey hesitates knowing you are one of a kind and she likes the idea of having something no other girl in the sorority or probably the world has. But she also knows the reality that she will eventually have to share the little guy with her friends and at some point most of her sorority sisters. There is a good chance these girls will accidentally maim or kill him at a party or just screwing around with him and he won't be worth much dead. The other possibility is that someone will alert the authorities and she could be charged with kidnapping. And then there is the tax free ten thousand dollars. That is just too much to pass up.

"OK, Heather you have a deal.", Audrey says to your surprise, "He's yours as soon as I have the cash."

Heather smiles, "No problem. The bank is open for a couple more hours today. Let's take a ride over now and get this deal done."

Next thing you know you are tucked back into Audrey's breasts and she is walking out front with Heather to a pink Mercedes convertible is parked outside. You aren't sure what to think or if this is good or bad as they drive a few blocks to a bank office off campus. You think maybe this is better than being in that sorority where who know what could happen to you. At least this is a more controlled situation.

Audrey waits in the car while Heather gets out. "I assume a certified bank check will be fine.", she says as she closes the car door and Audrey responses, "Sure, no problem."

Then Audrey turns her attention to you extracting you from her breasts and removing you from her necklace. She drops you onto the center console while she puts the chain back on. She picks you back up and holds you low in her lap just in case anyone walks by in the parking lot. "I wish I could have kept you but the money was too much. I hope you understand. Heather's not a bad girl just a bit spoiled by money and used to getting what she wants. My advice to you is to just give her whatever she wants."

Just then Heather comes back and gets in and they drive back to the sorority house while Audrey holds you safety in her lap. Heather parks at the house and turns to Audrey. She takes an envelope out of her designer purse and hands it to Audrey who hands you over to her. Audrey checks the envelope and you look up at Heather. She is exactly what you'd expect a rich girl named Heather to look like, long wavy blond hair, perfect tan complexion, full lips, and dressed perfect even though all she was doing was hanging out at the sorority house. Audrey says, "Thanks", and gets out without as little as a good-bye to you.

Heather looks down at you and smiles, "Time to see your new home, sweety", she says to you looking around with where she can safely stow you in a convertible.

"I thought you were a member of the sorority? Don't you live here?", you ask her as she continues to look around.

"No silly", she responds, "I live at home. I am not suited for communal living. I just joined for the parties and to stay in the social loop at school but my house is more comfortable." She reaches over and picks up her purse and opens it. "Looks like you'll have to stay in here for safekeeping. I can't let anything happen to my little jewel." She lowers you in the purse and looks at you in there smiling down at you. "At least that's my story as to what the ten thousand was for. Meanwhile, you better behave in there, little guy. That's an original Dior although not quite as expensive as you." She closes you in the purse and lays in on the passenger seat for the ride home.

You guess the ride was 40 to 50 minutes from the sorority house. She gets out and swings the purse as she walks making you a little nauseous but you refrain from yakking into her purse. She takes you out when you arrive at her bedroom and the room is the biggest bedroom you'll ever been in and mostly decorated in pink which you find a bit tacky. Her bed must be a king size although it is hard to judge at your size. She lays on the bed on her stomach with her head propped up and she looks down at you smiling. "Welcome to my bedroom. If you play your cards right and are a good little boy, you'll get to stay here most of the time.", she tells you and you start to think this isn't such a bad idea. "Do you think you'll like it here with me?", she asks.

You shake your hear and say "Yes !". She smiles and replies, "That's good. Do you think I'm pretty?"

Again you shake your head to the affirmative and say, "You are beautiful." which you think is not the least bit an exaggeration.

"That's good", she says, "because when I first saw you I just wanted you because you were one of a kind. I mean how many girls can say they have a little man of their very own. Then as I was driving home I was thinking about it some more. We have this massive estate and it's just me and my mom since my dad died two years ago. We have lot of servants: gardeners, maids, cooks and so on and I thought you should be something more than just a possession I keep on my shelf. You can be my personal servant available to me 24 by 7. Best of all I won't have limits like I do with the other servants. You'll do whatever I want. Doesn't that sound great?", she says still smiling.

You hesitate remembering what Audrey said but on the other hand you need to set limits like the other servants in the house or she'll walk all over you, literally. You decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. say, "Yes, that is great". You can always escape later.
  2. say, "No way. I am not your slave."

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