Audrey Shows Joe Off

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By: northgate

Audrey decided to show Joe off to her sorority sisters. A few of them come from considerably wealthier families than she does and are always showing off their designer labels. Now she has something none of them can top - a tiny man between her breasts. She puts on a low cut top so you are exposed from the waist up and facing out. "Now you should only talk if one of the girls ask you a direct question otherwise I expect you to behave or else.", she warns you as she leaves her room.

The first stop is the lounge where a few girls are watching TV. At first they chit chat but everyone is watching some stupid reality show and don't notice you. At a commercial break, she says to the girl next to her, "Hey Heather, check out my new toy."

Heather looks at you on the chain and asks, "Why to you have a little doll on your chain? What's up with that?". She is about to turn away when Audrey pokes you and says, "Say hello to Heather, tiny".

You wave to her with and say, "Hi Heather". Here eyes get really big as she stares at you. "How did you do that?", she asks Audrey.

Audrey smiles, "I didn't, he did. He's my new boy toy." She lifts the chain and you rise up a bit exposing your naked body below the waist. "And he comes with all the equipment too"

Heather is suitably impressed and says to the other sitting around, "Hey girls check this out" and the others gather around to gawk at you." Heather turns to Audrey and says, "How about you let him down for a little bit. Let's give him some exercise on the coffee table." All the girls agree with her and Audrey feels obliged to agree. She unhooks the chain and unwraps you letting you fall a short distance to the coffee table.

The girls are now on their knees surrounding the table and are all talking about you all at once. Being released from the chains feels good but having all these giant girls around you makes you nervous and you start to run in a random direction. A gorgeous girl with long jet black hair grabs you up and you find yourself on your back in the palm of her hand. Her other hand comes up and her long manicured finger strokes your member giving you an instant hard-on. "Kitchee kitchee coo", she says as her warm sweet breath washes over you.

"Hey Valerie, give him back. I didn't say you could grab him.", Audrey tells the girls and she hands you over to her. "Sorry, he just so precious. I couldn't help myself. You are so lucky."

Audrey takes you and re-wraps the chain around you and puts you back between her breasts. "You girls can look at him all you want but he's my boy toy so it's hands-off.", she tells the girls as the television show comes back on and several of them lose interest in you but Heather stays with Audrey."

Heather looks at her and you and says, "So tell me Audrey, how much for your little friend. I have to own him. I'll give you $5000 right now for him."

Audrey is a bit surprised. She wanted to make Heather and the other rich girls jealous but she didn't consider they'd try to buy him from her. Heather was the wealthiest of these girls and if she wanted something nothing would stop her. "I couldn't sell him", she replied.

Heather comes closer to you, "Ten thousand Audrey. I know you could use the money. You're going to get bored with him in a month just like you do with every other guy you've dated. We both know that. This is your opportunity to get some real money in the bank for when you graduate."

Audrey is shocked by the money Heather is offering but she just got so used to having this little guy that fits in the palm of her hand." "I can't do it", she says in a low voice, "maybe in a few months but I can't ..."

Heather get even closer and looks Audrey directly in the eyes. "I'm going to make you an offer but it has to be right here, right now, today. Twenty thousand dollars. Take it or leave it but you need to tell me now."

Audrey can not believe the money that Heather is offering. She does need the money and this is more than she could have imagined getting to get a start after graduating this year. She hesitates and ...

Your choices:

  1. turns down the offer and leaves for the kitchen
  2. accepts Heather offer

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