Kiss Audrey's Toes Left to Right

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By: northgate

You know you better not make her mad and you need to get on her good side if you have any chance of survival. You decide to show her some respect by crawling up to her and kissing her toes slowly one at a time. She delights in seeing how easy you have become subservient to her and thinks about what do do with you next. As you finish kissing she uses her toes to play with you. You try to get free but she is relentless attacking you with her foot. She finally allows you to get to your feet and then you watch in horror as she spreads her toes and grabs your midsection between her first two toes.

She crosses her legs with you still trapped between her toes and suspended high over the floor. "You really are so helpless>", she muses out loud, "I just don't know if I am ready to share you with all of my sisters quite yet. Maybe you should just be my personal pet. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

You nod weakly knowing that if you annoy her now she might let you fall to the floor or crush you between her massive toes.

She plucks you from her foot and drops you in her open palm. "I like that", she says, "You'll be my pet for as long as you amuse me. "When I get tired of you, I can always sell you to one of the other girls here for some big cash." She laughs at her own comment as she closes her hand around you encasing you in her fist and carrying you over to her jewelry box. She extracts a long gold chain and wraps it around your torso. She hold the chain up and you are trapped dangling from the end. She puts the chain on around her neck and you fall between her ample breasts. She squeezes them together and only your head is not encased in her hot flesh. "Perfect", she says admiring herself in the mirror.

She thinks for a moment and says,

Your choices:

  1. "Now it's time to show off my new pet."
  2. "Now it's time for us to take a shower together."

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